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カット   ¥6,480
Hair Cut (Including Shampoo & Styling)

※前髪カット   ¥1,080
Fringe Cut 

※〜4歳までのお客様    FREE
〜4 years old 
(Excluding Shampoo,
For children of existing members only) 

※5歳〜12歳   ¥3,240
5〜12 years old
(Including Shampoo & Styling)

※13歳〜18歳   ¥4,530
13〜18 years old
(Including Shampoo & Styling)

※19歳以上で学生の場合    ¥5,180
Student of 19 years old and above
(Please bring along your student ID)(Including Shampoo & Styling)


艶カラー リタッチ ¥4,320
76Tsuya Color Retouch

艶フルカラー (鎖骨まで) ¥6,480
76Tsuya Color (Up to Collarbone) 

艶フルカラー (鎖骨以上)¥7,560~
76Tsuya Color (Past Collarbone) 

ハイライト&ローライト ¥4,320~


Ombre comes from the French word meaning "shaded", usually referring to paintings. Ombre colors have a strong gradiation contrast that typically sports a brighter shade at hair ends. Price to be advised upon consultation.


Balayage means "sweeping with a broom" in French. It's a hair coloring technique using brushing/painting method to dye the hair, leaving an after-brush highlight/shadow effect. Price to be advised upon consultation.


ナチュラルパーマ ¥ 6,480

Perm (Without Cut )
Natural perm ¥6,480
The waves seem strong on wet hair, and gently softens naturally as hair dries. Suitable for short to long hair, perfect for creating a variety of different stylists. 

デジタルパーマ  ¥8,640

Digital Perm  ¥8,640
Digital heat helps set curl memory for long lasting soft curls, with firm wavy effect that resembles styling from curl iron. Recommended for rebonded hair.

鎖骨まで ¥18,360
鎖骨以上 ¥21,600~
※リタッチ ¥12,960

Damage-Less Straightening
Up to Collarbone ¥18,360
Past Collarbone ¥21,600~ 
※Retouch ¥12,960
A gentle process using a combination of beauty ingredients and treatments to straighten your natural waves without losing your original hair texture.

ナチュラルストレート ¥16,200
※リタッチ ¥8,640

Natural Straightening ¥16,200
※Retouch ¥8,640

鎖骨まで ¥15,120
鎖骨以上 ¥18,360~
※リタッチ ¥11,550

Up to Collarbone ¥15,120
Past Collarbone ¥18,360~
※Retouch ¥11,550
Recommended for those with strong, stubborn natural waves. Also for those with thick, strong hair texture.

ポイントデザインストレート ¥6,480
Point Design Straightening 


ベールトリートメント   ¥4,320
Aqua Moist Veil Treatment
(With Homecare)

ハホニコトリートメント   ¥5,400
Hahonico Treatment
(With Homecare) 

超音波トリートメント   ¥7,560
Ultrasonic Iron Treatment
(With Homecare)

クレンジングトリートメント  ¥4,320

MILBON Plarmia
Scalp Cleansing Treatment  ¥4,320
Featuring a special sparkling beauty lotion, it works gently yet effectively to cleanse away stubborn oil, dirt and odor that a regular shampoo is unable to remove. The raw collagen ingredient also contains highly moisturizing components that will restore the optimum health of scalp and hair. 

スカルプクレンジングトリートメント  ¥5,400
毛乳頭を刺激して、育毛を促進する「アデノシン」を配合。キューティクルを補修する働きもあり、今生えている髪も、美しく、健康な状態へと導いてくれるので、ダメージに強い髪となりツヤ・コシが戻ってきて、ボリュームアップ効果も! ¥5,400

SHISEIDO Adenovital
Scalp Cleansing Treatment ¥5,400
Utilizing the power of a unique biogenical ingredient, Adenosine, this anti-hair loss treatment directly stimulates hair papilla to boost regeneration and promote new hair growth. At the same time, it strengthens hair cuticles to make hair more resistant to damage in its healthy state. It's perfectly suitable for heavily damaged hair, restoring shine and lustre, plus a volume-up effect!



Rene Furterer 
Quick Course¥5,400
Standard Course¥7,560
This invigorating head spa massage makes use of pure plant extracts and natural essential oils as a luxurious treat for you to unwind and relax. The process also exudes an aromatherapeutic effect to soothe your senses for an immensely calming experience.  


シャンプー&スタイリング ¥4,000
Shampoo & Styling

セット(アップ、アレンジ) ¥5,400
Hair Set (Updo/Arragement)

ポイント メーク ¥3,240
Point Make Up 

フル メーク ¥6,480
Full Make Up

 ※早朝料金 営業開始
1時間前ごとに ¥1,000~
 ※Early Morning Fee
before Business Hour (per hour)


40cm~45cm 1本 ¥430~
50cm~55cm 1本 ¥540~

※Price refers to one piece

Eriko Sunada

Hair Stylist - Tokyo


男女問わず、再現性の高いカットが得意。 また一児のママさん美容師、いつでも仕事と子育てに一生懸命。 忙しくて、中々時間の取れないママさんを応援しています。なんでも相談して下さい。

Yoshitada Dejima

Hair Stylist - Tokyo


海外店舗(Number76)の立ち上げに参加し、マレーシアで2年間勤務。 帰国後、人材教育や新メニューづくりを手掛けているクリエイティブスタイリスト。 趣味は、旅行とサーフィン。

Yoshiyatsu Iijima

Hair Stylist - Tokyo

トレンドを意識しつつも作り込まないナチュラルなスタイルをお客様へ提案します。 特にシルエットと質感にこだわった収まりの良いパーマが得意です。

Yurina Gomi

Hair Stylist - Tokyo


私のモットーは、「いつも笑顔で」皆さんを笑顔にする時間作りを心がけています。 趣味は舞台鑑賞、博物館、個展巡り。ここで得た刺激を日々のサロンワークに活かしています。


We seek pleasure in creating smiles and happiness in all valued guests across the globe. 

History of NALU-Style

Nalu-Style was born in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, in year 2001.

Back then, Daisuke Hamaguchi started a little hair salon with his only assistant and called it HairStyleShop NALU. He wanted to establish salon with the concept of a style shop, where customers can casually switch hair designs as they fancy, as simple as a change in fashion items. NALU means "waves" in Hawaiian.

"Riding the tide (catching the trends), beckoning the waves (creating the trends), and of course perming your hair wavy (haha) were the most befitting phrases for me, since I also love surfing." said Hama. 

In the year 2003, NALU moved to Omotesando. At the same time, 76 CAFE was introduced at the same location. 

It is a unique concept with the  basement and ground floor being a cafe, and the floor above a hair salon. The harmonious synergy of food and style reinvented Nalu-Style into a lifestyle concept that many came to know. It is soon established as one of the popular spots in the stylish district of Omotesando, Tokyo. 

Then, Hama's wandering journey began.

He was in search for a chance to create new waves overseas, thus travelled to different countries around Asia, America and other cities. He found an ideal place, which is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a city of multiculturalism with people of different fashion and culture senses. He was deeply intrigued by how the locals and residents possess the power to create their own distinctive culture in their city. He decided to choose this charming capital as the destination of his journey, with the belief that one day Kuala Lumpur would too be a centre of unique fashion cultures, just like Harajuku in Tokyo.

This new year, Number76 stamps its mark in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. 

Expanding to Singapore was a natural decision to come to for Hama. The dynamic and amazingly stylish country beckoned to him; while Singaporean customers that frequent Malaysia also called for its arrival, cementing his expansion decisions. Wherever Number76 goes, Hama is determined that his customers across the globe will walk out from his salons with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It is this determination that has carried this brand across oceans.

The name Number76 was originally conceived from NALU.

In Japanese, 7 (seven) is pronounced as "NANA" while 6 (six) as "ROKU". When abbreviated, “NANA” and “ROKU” merged together as NALU, hence Number76. Bearing the concept inherited from NALU, we hope to create new trends together with all of you.